Free Soil Sampling

Carolina Fresh Farms believes in providing our customers with endless knowledge of their lawns.  In order to provide the customer with the  best advice for their lawn, CFF offers FREE soil sampling at every location.  It's convenient and simple.  Just drop off 2 cups of your soil at any location and we handle the rest (PDF directions on how to take your soil sample properly).   Your soil will be processed by the same labs which we use to test our farms.  Once we receive the results, our horticulturist will review the results and make any necessary recomendations.   



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Fertilizer Products -

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Preemergent Fertilizers
Preemergent fertilizers are used in the turf industry to prevent many annual weeds which may invade your lawn.  There are many products in the market today for the consumer to choose from.  Carolina Fresh Farms recommends the use of the professional product Barricade.  If used properly, Barricade will last longer than many other competitor’s products in the marketplace todayDue to the longer germination period of weeds and high humidity levels in the Southern states,  our customers find that this product is far superior to many others for the control of annual weeds such as crabgrass.  Depending on the time of year and the type of lawn you have, this product is available in both a high nitrogen formulation as well as a low nitrogen formulation.
16-0-8  .38% Barricade
0-0-15  .38% Barricade 

Post-emergent Fertilizers
Many broadleaf weeds such as clover and dandelion are not effectively controlled by preemergent herbicides.  Carolina Fresh Farms has selected the professional product Confront 3 as the suggested product for the control of broadleaf weeds.  Confront 3 is available in a high nitrogen formulation as well as a low nitrogen formulation.  The low nitrogen formulation (0-0-15) is excellent for spot treating the lawn or for use on warm season lawns during the dormancy period.  The Confront 3 products are certainly modern day weed and feeds.  Confront 3 is labeled for sensitive lawns such as Centipede and St. Augustine.
19-0-6 Confront 3 + Dimension
0-0-15 Lockup (not for use on St. Aug.)

Combination Pre and Post-emergent Fertilizer
Don’t know where to start to fix your lawn?  Many times we suggest this one of a kind product.  It will fertilize your lawn, prevent annual weeds and control broadleaf weeds.
19-0-6 Confront 3 + Dimension

Disease Control
Nothing is worse than watching your lawn decline due to a fungus.  Carolina Fresh Farms suggests the use of the professional systemic fungicide Eagle to prevent disease before it begins.  Due to the systemic nature of the chemical, Eagle fungicide is an excellent choice to prevent and cure many diseases such as Brown Patch on a lawn. 
Eagle 0.62 granular

Insect Control Fertilizers
With milder winters in recent years, insect damage in the home lawn has been on the rise.  Carolina Fresh Farms has several products to choose from depending on the problem.  Talstar with the active ingredient bifenthrin has long been recommended for the control of surface insects such as imported fire ants and armyworms.  If root feeding insects such as mole crickets or grubs are the issue, we suggest the use of Merit insecticide.  If your lawn has both subsurface and surface feeding insects than we may suggest that you apply Aloft insecticide to your lawn.  All three products are granular and may be applied with the convenience of a fertilizer spreader.
Bifenthrin .1G
Merit .3G

Straight Fertilizers
Carolina Fresh Farms offers many formulations of straight fertilizers for general fertilization of your landscape throughout the growing season.  Each product serves a purpose within the landscape.  The Woodace products are slow release and designed for ornamental plants. The 12-3-6 Woodace formulation is for acid loving plants such as Azaleas.  There are three basic formulations for the lawn.  The 16-25-12 provides extra Phosphorous for increased root growth.  We commonly refer to this product as starter fertilizer.  The 25-0-12 formulation contains IBDU nitrogen.  IBDU does not require warm temperatures to release; therefore, this product will keep your Carolina Blue fescue lawn greener during the winter months when most fertilizers will not work.  Our most advanced fertilizer product is certainly 20-0-25 formulation which contains EXPO.  EXPO is slow release Potassium.  In the Southern states, Potassium is either unavailable in a clay soil or leaches quickly in a sandy soil.  Potassium is crucial for the survival of your lawn through extreme conditions such as drought or the cold winter months.
14-14-14 WOODACE
12-3-6 WOODACE
16-25-12 25% Meth-Ex 40
25-0-12 34%CRN MESA + IBDU
20-0-25 EXPO