Grass Types

Carolina Fresh Farms would like to thank you for your interest in your lawn. It has the ability to become the best lawn in your neighborhood. We have combined over 50 years of production practices along with knowledge from our on staff horticulturist and soil specialist in order to provide you with the most advanced and up to date practices to help you manage your lawn. If you require more information about your lawn, please refer to the back of this brochure for the Carolina Fresh Farms turf center nearest you.

Tifway Bermuda | Centipede | Carolina Blue Fescue | St. Augustine

Cavalier Zoysia | Emerald Zoysia | Palisades Zoysia

Tifway bermuda or 419 is a dense high quality turf used on athletic fields, golf courses and home lawns all over the Southeast. Tifway has exceptional wear tolerance making it a great surface for athletic fields, high traffic areas, and lawn grasses. Disease tendency is low in bermuda and it adapts to a wide range of soil conditions. Bermuda shade tolerance is very poor and requires more frequent mowing and more fertilization than other turf varieties.

This vigorous grass is disease resistant, winter-hardy and drought tolerant. Centipede has the lowest maintenance of any warm season grass. We encourage you to see the difference in a Centipede lawn.

Carolina Blue fescue is a blend of top rated tall fescue varieties and heat-tolerant bluegrass. This blend of fescue has good drought tolerance, shade tolerance and is ideal for the foothills of SC and NC. Tall fescue remains green throughout the year but tends to thin out with age and wear, sometimes requiring over-seeding. Carolina Blue resists wear and stays greener longer than other varieties of fescue.

St. Augustine grass is a dark green turf distinguished by its wide blade and excellent shade and salt tolerance. St. Augustine is well suited for the coastal plains of the Southern states but should have irrigation and a fertility program. St. Augustine should be mowed 3-4” high and is susceptible to certain insects and disease like chinch bugs and gray leaf spot.

Cavalier zoysia is a fine-textured, high density turf with excellent shade and drought tolerance. Uses include golf course fairways, tee boxes, and home lawns. Cavalier is specifically adapted to tolerate cold temperatures experienced in the transition zone. Cavalier differs from the other zoysia varieties because of its very fine, long, narrow leaf blades. Salt tolerance and resistance to insects and diseases are other benefits to this proven high quality, high performance turf .

Emerald zoysia is a fine bladed dense zoysia with good cold tolerance. Emerald is recommended for high quality lawns where adequate maintenance can be applied. Appearance of Emerald is best when cut with a reel-type mower.

Palisades zoysia is a vegetatively produced, medium-broad textured, high density turf suitable for home lawns, golf fairways and sports fields. Developed by Texas A&M University to withstand drought and shade better than the current varieties of zoysias. Palisades has a blade similar to centipede and a shade tolerance comparable to St. Augustine. This turfgrass is an excellent choice for any application.


 Centipede, Bermuda, Fescue grasses

 St. Augustine and Zoysia grasses

Pallet footage

504 square feet

400 square feet


Approx. Weight

 2,000 lbs.

1,500 lbs.

Slab Size

16" x 24"

16" x 24"

Roll Size

 16" x 81"


# slabs/pallet


150 St. Aug, 169 Zoysia

# rolls/pallet



Mega roll footage

250 square feet for 30" rolls and 350 square feet for 42" rolls


Mega rolls


30" x 100'




42" x 100'


30" x 100'



42" x 100'


Mega rolls require machinery for installation.  CFF provides a 3 point hitch attachment for tractors for mega rolls

Many other machinery options are available to install mega rolls.