Carolina Fresh Farms has the utmost ambition to produce the highest quality sod on the market and provide the best customer service anywhere. We intend to help you select, properly install and maintain your new lawn as if it was our own. Our company believes purchasing sod should be as beneficial as it is enjoyable.

Carolina Fresh Farms has been growing sod for 30 years with quality and service as our primary focus. Our turf is grown in Neeses, S.C., and sold through the Carolinas and Georgia. Soil fertility and water samples are tested at Brookside Laboratories, Inc. and used by our agronomist to create specific fertilizer programs for over 50 sod fields. The newest technology and advanced research are employed throughout the growing process to produce a superior, higher quality sod. Thank you for considering Carolina Fresh Farms and we look forward to helping you in any and every way possible.

Our Farms

  • Neeses Farm

    Carolina Fresh Farms headquarters and primary farm is located between the two railroad towns of Neeses and Norway, South Carolina. The climate is excellent for growing premium sod thanks to mild winters and fertile soil. Operated by the Fogle Family since its establishment, Carolina Fresh Farms continues to grow and increase its acreage throughout the Southeast.

    Originally a row crop family farm, CFF has grown to be one of the largest producers of sod in the South. In addition to turf sod, CFF also is the largest producer of Coastal Bermuda hay in the Southeast. The Neeses farm is also a distribution center for Lebanon Turf Products, sod, hay and compost that are shipped daily to outlets in SC, NC and GA.

    CFF is proud of its nature friendly practices that encourage deer, turkey and waterfowl habitat. Bird watchers are attracted to the area also to view species not common to the area. Local fisheries are many due to the rolling hills and are very healthy aquatic environments.

    The Fogle Family and its employees are always eager to exhibit the farm and products it produces. Please stop by anytime and experience a Southern farming tradition at Carolina Fresh Farms.

  • Green Creek Farm

    The Green Creek location was first planted in the spring of 2006. This farm is located in the foothills of the Western North Carolina mountains along the Green River. The cooler summer temperatures and fertile river valley allow Carolina Fresh Farms to harvest Carolina Blue Fescue twelve months out of the year. Today, there is approximatey 100 acres of premium sod being produced at the Green Creek location.